Summer Travel Tips

ADDitude's best summer travel tips, including how to streamline packing and get the relaxation you deserve.

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Pack It Up!

Here are six packing tips from Flylady that will make your vacation prep a breeze:

1. ALLOW only one suitcase per
     person (duffel bags work best)
2. FILL a small kid's backpack
     with games and toys
3. PACK one extra bag for the
     family's communal items
4. STAY in control with a Mom
     or Dad-only bag
5. KEEP the family's dress-up
     clothes separate
6. STOCK one bag with car-only
     snacks and other supplies

Download a full list (as a handy PDF here) and end packing panic for good!

Dear Reader:

Vacation is supposed to be fun and relaxing - unless the thought
of preparing to go (and keeping ADD in check while you're
there) only adds extra stress.

In this e-newsletter, we've got ADDitude's best summer travel tips, including how to streamline packing and get the relaxation you deserve.

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Happy Travels!
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by Michele Novotni, Ph. D.

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