June 2006

Antidepressants May Bring Suicidal Thoughts in Children

Study shows that youth on antidepressants may be more at risk for suicide.

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One Antidepressant Ineffective? Study Suggests Trying Another

Switching medications can help relieve symptoms.

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FDA Rejects "Black Box" Warning for Stimulant Meds

An FDA advisory group recommends making existing stimulant labels easier to understand.

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Scientists Link Tonsil Problems with Sleep Disturbances and AD/HD Misdiagnoses

Study shows that inflamed tonsils can cause similar symptoms as AD/HD and that removing them may solve the problem.

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Treating Mom Helps Kids, Too

Children whose mothers get treatment for depression have better mental health themselves.

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Latest Study: TV Does Not Cause AD/HD

Scientists observing children find no link between television viewing and attention problems.

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