Neurofeedback Helps, Study Says

A new study suggests that neurofeedback training (NFT) may ease the symptoms of ADD in children.

Saturday April 1st - 12:00am

Brain-wave biofeedback training can ease symptoms of ADD in children. That's the finding of a recent study conducted at the University of Montreal. In the study, 15 children with ADD were given 40 one-hour sessions of neurofeedback training (NFT).

In each session, the children wore electrodes that allowed them to watch their brain wave activity on a computer screen. Five other children, serving as a control group, did not receive NFT. None of the children took medication for ADD during the study.

Using standardized tests and the observations of their parents, the researchers found marked reductions in inattention and impulsivity among the children who had received NFT, but little change in the control group.

During some tests, the researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans to see which parts of the brain were working hardest. The scans showed a change in brain activity in the children who used NFT, but not in the children in the control group.

The study results were published in the February 20, 2006 issue of Neuroscience Letters.

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