Methylphenidate Skin Patch Approved

Patch offers alternative way to receive dose of stimulant.

Saturday April 1st - 12:00am

Filed Under: Daytrana

As expected, the FDA has approved the sale of Daytrana, a patch that sticks to the skin to deliver a steady dose of the stimulant methylphenidate.

Experts say the patch - the first of its kind - may be a good choice for children who cannot or will not take pills. In addition, the patch is believed to have a lower potential for abuse than methylphenidate pills.

The prescription-only patch will be available in 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, and 30 mg doses by mid-June. Its manufacturer, Shire, says the patch is designed to stay attached to the skin even in the bathtub or the swimming pool. The patch is intended to be worn for nine hours, but a doctor can monitor the patient and reduce the time if he or she deems that necessary, says the company.

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