February 2006

Bill Would Stop Schools from Requiring AD/HD Medication

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to forbid public schools from denying admission to students who decline to take medication for AD/HD.

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Take a Pill, Reverse Learning Difficulties?

A recent study suggests that a cholesterol-lowering drug may be capable of reversing certain learning disorders.

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Two New Medications Promise Greater Convenience, Smaller Potential for Abuse

An FDA advisory panel has recommended approval of two ADHD medications that have a lower potential for abuse.

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AD/HD Kids to Receive Same Curriculum, Diploma as Other Students

The U.S. Department of Education recently ruled that public schools must teach students with marginal learning disabilities at the regular grade level, even if they are taking a modified test, and to give these students the standard diploma upon graduation.

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Stopping Hyperactivity in Autistic Kids

A widely used ADHD drug has shown to be effective against the hyperactive behaviors exhibited by many autistic children.

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