June 2005

AD/HD Drugs and Cancer

Researchers report that children taking methylphenidate showed an increase in chromosome abnormalities that are associated with cancer.

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    Girls Underestimate Their Math Skills

    A recent study found that girls often shortchange their math abilities, and, consequently, avoid math-oriented careers, such as engineering and computer science.

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    Zinc Helps Kids Think

    Children who take zinc supplements may pay attention longer and perform better during memory tests.

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    Easy Diagnosis of Language-Processing Problems

    Researchers have learned that language disorders may be detected by measuring a child's brain waves as he or she listens to spoken language.

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    Abbott Labs Withdraws AD/HD Drug Cylert

    Abbott Labs has pulled Cylert off the market, but denies it is in response to claims from a consumer group that the drug can cause liver failure.

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    What Next for Adderall?

    In the wake of suspended sales in Canada, physicians in the U.S. have been advised to continue to prescribe the drug--but to monitor patients carefully.

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    AD/HD Drugs and Substance Abuse

    Students who take stimulants as prescribed are no more at risk for substance abuse later on than kids who don't take them.

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