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About ADHD

How attention deficit impacts the brain, why hyperfocus is a misunderstood symptom, what role genetics plays in ADD, and how many people have ADHD.

Below, find essential ADHD information about symptoms and diagnosis for adults and children with attention deficit.

About ADHD in Adults and Children
About ADHD Symptoms and Treatment

About ADHD: Symptoms and Treatment

Information about the biology behind attention deficit disorder and why it's sometimes so difficult to diagnose and treat ADHD symptoms in children. more»

ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment Information

Understanding Your Diagnosis: Medical Information About ADHD

A doctor talks about ADHD symptoms, causes, misconceptions and treatments associated with a diagnosis more»

Adult ADHD Information

Next Steps: After the Adult ADHD Diagnosis

Dr. Ned Hallowell explains how to move ahead after you've received an ADHD diagnosis as an adult. more»

Getting the Diagnosis: Information About ADHD in Children

ADHD Information: Diagnosing Children with Attention Deficit Disorder

How parents can ensure an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for children with ADHD, learning disabilities, or other behavior problems. more»

ADHD Information: FAQ


Everything you ever wanted to know about ADHD. more»

Books About ADHD: Delivered from Distraction

Books About ADHD: Delivered from Distraction

Advice for adults who have ADHD, "but don't know about it and, therefore, get no help for it." more»

About ADHD: A Biological Disorder

About ADHD: A Biological Disorder

What causes attention deficit disorder? And why can't researchers pinpoint its cure? more»

ADHD Information: Diagnosing and Treating Children

ADHD Information: Diagnosing and Treating Children

A parent's guide about the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in children: recognizing symptoms, finding a doctor, evaluating medications, and helping your child thrive. more»

ADHD Information: 7 Myths... Debunked!

ADHD Information: 7 Myths... Debunked!

The truth about ADHD – experts disprove seven misconceptions and lies about attention deficit in children and adults. more»

About ADHD in Women

About ADHD in Women

Expert information about the ADHD symptoms that often go unrecognized and undiagnosed in women and girls. more»

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