Mary Rooney

ADHD Webinar: Positive Parenting — ADHD-Focused Parenting Techniques for Children Ages 5-10 with Dr. Rooney

Mary Rooney, Ph.D., answers all of your questions about how to employ ADHD-focused parenting techniques to address behavior and discipline challenges in your child.

Mary Rooney, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist at the ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute. Dr. Rooney specializes in the evaluation and treatment of ADHD and co-occurring behavioral, anxiety, and mood disorders. A strong advocate for those with attention and behavior problems, Dr. Rooney is committed to developing and providing comprehensive, cutting edge treatments tailored to meet the unique needs of each child and adolescent. To this end, Dr. Rooney works closely with parents and teachers to create supportive, structured home and school environments that enable children and adolescents to reach their full potential.

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In her Positive Parenting: ADHD-Focused Parenting Techniques for Young Children Webinar, Dr. Rooney addresses your questions about...

  • How parents can work with schools to improve their children's behavior in the classroom
  • Specific strategies that address behavior resulting from inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity
  • The benefits of developing positive parenting techniques, plus when to use negative consequences
  • How to use external motivators to motivate your ADHD kid
  • The importance of being consistent with your ADHD child when implementing discipline techniques
  • Plus, receive access to the slides accompanying Dr. Rooney's Webinar

Read what people are saying about Dr. Rooney's Webinar...

  • "This webinar addressed so many important issues for me. Dr. Rooney was very organized in her presentation and offered good suggestions and strategies for dealing with ADHD-specific behavioral issues. Thank you!"

  • "It was incredibly useful hearing Dr. Rooney address behavior and discipline challenges related to attention deficit symptoms. Parenting techniques generally aren't geared towards ADHD kids, but the expert described the issues my kid has perfectly. I hope you do another webinar in the future."

  • "Dr. Rooney laid out her parenting suggestions very clearly, which was exceedingly helpful. I also appreciated learning more about what positive parenting is and how I can use this technique with my ADHD son."

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