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ADHD Webinar: Stay on Time and on Task with Adult ADHD with Beth Main

Beth Main answers all of your questions about how to stay on time and on task with adult ADHD.

Beth Main is an ADHD coach, helping people develop the systems, strategies, and skills they need to overcome their ADHD challenges and reach their goals. Learn more about Beth Main and ADHD coaching at Beth Main is a contributor to ADDitude Magazine and

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In her Get It Done, Now! How to Stay on Time and on Task With ADHD Webinar, Beth Main addresses your questions about...

  • Developing and following a task-management system that works for you
  • Strategies to delegate, defer, and drop tasks on your to-do list
  • Procrastination causes and ways to avoid them
  • Ways to improve focus and overall brain function
  • How to complete unfinished tasks
  • Plus, receive access to the slides accompanying Beth Main's Webinar and links to her top articles

Read what people are saying about Beth Main's Webinar...

  • "I want to say a big thanks to Beth Main for taking the time to address this topic. Just knowing that there are professionals devoted to helping ADHDers is such a relief. I have renewed hope."

  • "This webinar was filled with useful information and easy-to-follow strategies for dealing with time and task management. I am also thankful to know that there are other people struggling with the same day-to-day tasks that I am."

  • "Beth Main's webinar was so helpful! The slides accompanying her webinar were an added bonus -- she clearly knows who her audience is. I hope Beth Main hosts another webinar in the near future."

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