ADHD Webinar: Working with Schools to Get Accommodations with Matt Cohen, J.D.

Matt Cohen, J.D., answers all of your questions about getting teachers on your team, developing the best IEP and 504 Plans, plus more.

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Matt Cohen, J.D., is founder of Matt Cohen and Associates and specializes in special education and mental health law. Matt Cohen, J.D., is a legal commentator for LDOnline and serves on CHADD's Public Policy Committee. Read his blog at Matt Cohen, J.D., is a regular columnist in ADDitude magazine and contributor to

In his Working With Schools to Get Accommodations Webinar, Matt Cohen, J.D., addresses your questions about...

  • What the different accommodations are and how to determine if your ADHD child is eligible
  • How to prepare for an accommodations meeting
  • Steps to take when a school is denying accommodations for your ADHD child
  • Strategies for working with your child's teachers
  • How to navigate the transition from elementary school to middle school to high school in terms of accommodations

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