ADHD Webinar: Tools to Help Your Child Excel in School with Susan Kruger

Susan Kruger, M.Ed, answers all of your questions about earning better grades in less time, finishing homework without arguing, grade-A organization secrets in the classroom and at home, plus more.

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Susan Kruger, M.Ed, is a certified teacher and reading specialist. She is the author of SOAR Study Skills: A Simple and Efficient System for Earning Better Grades in Less Time. Susan Kruger is a contributor to ADDitude Magazine and

In her Tools to Excel in School Webinar, Susan Kruger, M.Ed, addresses your questions about...

  • Tips for improving working memory
  • How to plan for long-term school assignments
  • Strategies for getting your student motivated for class and homework
  • Ways to stay organized at school and at home
  • How to teach your ADHD child to stop and listen in the classroom

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Read what people are saying about Susan Kruger's Webinar...

"Thank you so much for this. Even though I have ADD, my daughter has ADHD, and I’m a Special Ed teacher who works with many kids that have it, I learned a great deal from Susan Kruger. Her explanation of the disorder, and the visuals she provided were the best I’ve ever heard/seen. I’ve been to many doctors with my daughter, none of whom put it in a nutshell the way Susan Kruger did. Kudos to her, and all you folks at ADDitude. for arranging this to happen!"

"This webinar was so incredibly helpful! Thank you! Just understanding better how the ADHD brain works and how taxing school can be on these kids was very insightful. Also, the practical tips on ways to help these kids organize concepts, school papers, etc., were very helpful. I plan to incorporate these ideas in my own life and with my school-age kids."

"Susan Kruger is wonderful. I learned a lot! The anecdote she shared with us at the end put tears in my eyes. I bet everyone listening was just as touched!"

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