The Babysitters Guide to ADHD: Finding and Educating Caregivers of Your ADD Child

The Babysitter's Guide to ADHD

How to hire, educate, and keep childcare you can trust.

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Hire, educate, and keep childcare you can trust with this guide to...

  • Explaining ADHD symptoms -- and behavior manifestations -- to babysitters who might not otherwise understand why your child impulsively races around the house or struggles to follow multi-step directions
  • Working through common challenges for ADHD children, such as sticking with a task to its conclusion or keeping track of time and things
  • Surviving separation anxiety -- a real problem for kids who have trouble regulating emotions
  • Encouraging positive behavior through consistency, encouraging language, rewards, and plenty of patience
  • Understanding stress points -- like transitions, sibling squabbles, and noisy crowds -- that might trigger bad ADHD behavior
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