How to best use ADHD medications on children with attention deficit disorder

How to Use ADHD Medications on Children

Five rules for maximizing the benefits of ADHD medications while minimizing their side effects on your child.

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Your child was just diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and now you're working on a treatment plan with his doctor. Treating ADHD symptoms with medication is one option.

ADDitude has compiled the following rules to help you better understand how to safely and effectively treat your child with an ADHD medication. The following Printable explains...
  • Common side effects associated with ADHD meds such as lack of appetite
  • How doctors determine the optimal dose of ADHD meds
  • When to medicate a child: At school only or all day long?
  • How to track a child's response to medication using various scales
  • Information about diet and other medications can impact the efficacy of a stimulant drug
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