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Free Webinar Replay: The Anxiety and Depression Hiding Within: How to Recognize and Treat Latent Co-occurring Conditions

Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., shares how to screen for co-occuring anxiety and depression for people with ADHD.

ADHD doesn’t travel alone. The vast majority of patients with ADHD also have a co-occurring condition like anxiety, depression, or a learning disability. Many times, these overlapping conditions require their own evaluation and unique treatment plan. Yet many doctors and clinicians assume that anxiety or depression are side effects of ADHD or they fail to perform ADHD assessments on patients already diagnosed with anxiety or depression. These failures lead to ineffective treatment plans and long-term health risks.

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In this webinar presentation, Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., discusses:

1. How to correctly screen for co-occurring anxiety and depression in patients with ADHD
2. How to recognize the red flags of an undiagnosed overlapping condition
3. The symptoms of depression and anxiety disorders, and how to distinguish them from ADHD
4. How depression or anxiety affects ADHD symptoms
5. How ADHD can actually lead to, or affect, depression and anxiety 6. How medication can tell a doctor and a patient that the diagnosis is wrong
7. How to devise a treatment plan when ADHD exists alongside anxiety or depression

Meet the Expert Speaker:

Roberto Olivardia, Ph.D., is a clinical instructor of psychology at Harvard Medical School and clinical associate at McLean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts. He maintains a private psychotherapy practice in Lexington, Massachusetts, where he specializes in the treatment of ADHD, body dysmorphic disorder (BDD), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). He also specializes in the treatment of eating disorders in boys and men. He has spoken on numerous radio shows, given webinars, and presents at many talks and conferences around the country, including the CHADD conferences annually. He currently sits on the scientific advisory board for ADDitude magazine and serves on the professional advisory board for CHADD.

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