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Free Webinar Replay: How to Talk About ADHD

Tips for talking about ADHD with your child, your family, and the world.

Nothing causes more foot-in-mouth moments for ADHDers (or parents of ADHDers) than when trying to discuss attention deficit. No more fumbling for the perfect response! In this audio and slide presentation, hosted by Edward (Ned) Hallowell, M.D., you'll get ADHD-tested and doctor approved answers for handling even the nastiest remarks about ADHD.

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In this audio and slide presentation, Dr. Hallowell discusses:

  • How to address common questions from ADHD-doubters
  • Ways to boost your child's self-esteem when ADHD gets him down
  • Simple scripts for you (and your child) to use when friends, relatives, or teachers make hurtful comments about ADHD

Meet the expert:

Dr. Edward (Ned) Hallowell is a practicing psychiatrist and founder of the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health in Sudbury, Massachusetts.

An instructor at Harvard Medical School, he is the author of 10 books, including the bestsellers on ADD, Driven to Distraction, Delivered from Distraction, and, most recently, CrazyBusy. Dr. Hallowell has ADHD himself. For more information, visit his website at

Webinar on demand includes:

  • Slides accompanying the audio
  • Related resources from ADDitude
  • Free newsletter updates about adult ADHD

What listeners are saying:

"Dr. Hallowell described a great framework for thinking and talking about ADHD in a positive light. Thank you for this different way of looking at it!"

"This webinar really helped me reaffirm that I am on the right track as a parent. I've heard almost all of the questions that Dr. Hallowell shared. It was nice to hear his educated answers -- I hope I can remember to parrot them!"

"Dr. Hallowell shared so many descriptive ways to explain ADHD. These will definitely help me when I talk with parents and teachers. Thanks!"

"Thank you, Dr. Hallowell! The next time another parent tells me they think it's 'ludicrous' to medicate my child, I'll have a better response."

Replay This Free Webinar

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