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ADHD Experts Webinar: Social Thinking in the Classroom

In this expert webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC, explains how to help your ADHD child read and respond to hidden social rules.

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Michelle Garcia Winner, MA, CCC, is a speech language pathologist who specializes in the treatment of students with social cognitive challenges. She has a private practice in San Jose, California, where she works with clients and consults with families and schools. Winner is the founder of Social Thinking and the related treatment strategies. She has written and co-authored numerous books. Winner's goal is to help administrators, educators, and parents appreciate how social thinking and social skills are an integral part of students’ academic experiences and are critical for success in adulthood. She was honored with a “Congressional Special Recognition Award” in 2008.

In this ADHD Experts Webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner addresses the following topics...

  • How to develop your child’s Social Thinking Vocabulary
  • Helping your child understand how his thoughts impact his emotions
  • Teaching your child to be a social detective
Plus, receive access to the slides accompanying this webinar.

Read what people are saying about Winner's webinar...

"Michelle Garcia Winner is so insightful and right-on with her approach to social learning challenges. I would love to have her return for a 'Part 2!'"

"This was an excellent webinar -- one of the very best I've attended through ADDitiude. The speaker provided lots of great information. I'll definitely be coming back to listen again!!"

"Michelle Garcia Winner shared great tips for helping ADHD children realize that their behavior is "unexpected." I now know how to address my son's behavior in a positive, clear way. Thank you!"

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