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ADHD Experts Webinar: The 10-Step Plan for Moms of ADHD Kids

Kirk Martin shares, step-by-step, how moms of ADHD kids can get the support they need and the understanding they deserve.

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Kirk Martin, founder of, gives moms of ADHD/LD kids the tools they need for running an ADHD household -- without losing their sanity. After listening, you'll realize: "I'm not alone!"

Kirk Martin has helped more than 300,000 parents and teachers tackle the most challenging issues -- defiance, disrespect, bullying, sibling fights -- with specific, concrete strategies that work in everyday situations. Martin has worked with 1,500 children with ADHD over 10 years. His strategies will help stop meltdowns, tantrums, power struggles, and yelling.

In this expert webinar, Kirk Martin addresses the following topics:

  • Strategies for recharging your batteries
  • Helping others understand the challenges of raising a child with ADHD/LD
  • How to avoid feeling resentment toward your spouse and child

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Read what people are saying about Kirk Martin's webinar...

"Kirk was very insightful and I just loved his practical tips and passion. He seems to 'get' us moms. Please have him back!"

"The speaker was fabulous! I'd love to hear more from him!"

"Kirk Martin had great advice for parenting ADHD kids. Thank you so much for providing us with a concrete plan for handling our own issues, taking care of ourselves, and giving our children the tools for success."

"Kirk Martin's practical approach coupled with his humor made the hour fly by. It was very enjoyable!"

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