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Free Webinar Replay: Overcoming ADHD Shame

Why we feel shame—and how to manage it.

Ever feel guilty about your ADHD shortcomings? You're not alone. Ned Hallowell, M.D., explains why ADHDers feel shame and how to turn these negative emotions into ADHD acceptance.

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In this audio and slide presentation, Dr. Hallowell discusses:

  • How to truly and finally accept ADHD as neurobiological, not a weakness of character
  • Ways to surround yourself with people who get you and your ADHD
  • The steps involved in joining or starting a support group for ADHD adults
  • Finding a coach who can keep after you, but always with humor

Meet the expert:

Dr. Ned Hallowell is a practicing psychiatrist and founder of the Hallowell Center for Cognitive and Emotional Health, outside Boston, and in New York City. An instructor at Harvard Medical School, he is the author of 10 books, including the bestsellers on ADHD, Driven to Distraction, Delivered from Distraction, and, most recently, CrazyBusy. Dr. Hallowell has ADHD himself. For more information, visit Dr. Hallowell's website at

Webinar replays include:

  • Slides accompanying the audio
  • Related resources from ADDitude
  • Free newsletter updates about managing adult ADHD

What listeners are saying:

"Thank you so much for a great program. Dr. Hallowell gave me hope. He was so positive, yet realistic. You are doing much needed work!"

"Dr. Hallowell was wonderful. He was sensitive, insightful, and full of good information."

"I will always listen to Dr. Hallowell's webinars. His positive take on our neurological differences is empowering and uplifting. Thank you for having him on. And thank you for the amazing ADDitude experience through print, Internet, and support communities."

"Dr. Hallowell is one of my favorite brilliant people! I could listen to his advice for hours, as his projection of kindness and empathy is endless. Such an uplifting webinar! Thank you!"

Replay This Free Webinar

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