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ADHD Experts Webinar: Motivate Your ADHD Child

What Makes Kids Tick and How Parents Can Help

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Tired of nagging your ADHD child? Ann Dolin, M.Ed., teaches parents how to encourage and inspire initiative in your child.

Ann Dolin, M.Ed., has over 20 years of teaching, tutoring, and consulting experience. In 1998 she founded Educational Connections, a tutoring company that has grown to employ 200 tutors and has worked with over 8,000 students in the Washington, D.C. area. Her first book, Homework Made Simple, won the Publishers Association 2011 Parenting Book of the Year Award. Ann received her M.Ed. in special education from Boston College and now lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two children. For more information, visit Ann’s website or

In her ADHD Experts Webinar, Ann Dolin, M.Ed., addresses your questions about:

  • The best ways to tout your child's strengths
  • How spending 15 minutes a day doing something your child likes increases motivation
  • Strategies to spark your child's initiative
Plus, receive access to the slides accompanying this webinar and top resources on parenting strategies that work for ADHD children.

Read what people are saying about Ann Dolin's webinar...

"This was an excellent webinar, thank you! It is a daily struggle at our house to motivate our ADHDer, and knowing that there are people out there that care and share what they have learned is HUGE! "

"This was my first webinar with ADDitude magazine, and I loved it. Thank you so much! Even just hearing how many things are 'typical' for ADHD kids (like fibbing, forgetting to turn in homework, struggling with writing assignments, etc.) was extremely helpful. I'm looking forward to trying the ideas the expert suggested. Thanks!"

"The expert was great and gave us many useful hands-on strategies."

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