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Free Webinar Replay: Diagnosing ADHD

What you (and your doctor) need to know.

Do you think you or your child might have ADHD? Joel Nigg, M.D., explains how to get a foolproof diagnosis, discusses new diagnostic techniques, like brain imaging, and runs through what you should do before seeing a doctor.

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In this audio and slide presentation, Joel Nigg, M.D., discusses:

  • The steps to getting a foolproof diagnosis
  • The latest information about new diagnostic techniques
  • What you should do before visiting with an ADHD professional

Meet the expert:

Dr. Nigg is a clinical psychologist and a professor in the departments ?of Psychiatry, Behavioral Neuroscience, and Pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University (OSHU). He directs the OHSU ?ADHD Research program and is also director of the Division of? Psychology. Nigg is author of What Causes ADHD: Understanding What Goes Wrong and Why.

Webinar replays include:

  • Slides accompanying the audio
  • Related resources from ADDitude
  • Free newsletter updates about treating ADHD

What listeners are saying:

"Thank you for another great episode. When I listen to these, I always feel like I am with people who really 'get' what I am living/going through and am concerned about. I appreciated the lengthy Q & A in this session!"

"I really liked Dr. Nigg. He was succinct and clinical (not over-technical) and did not dwell too long on one subject. Thanks so much!"

"I found this episode very enlightening. We work closely with our pediatrician and are starting counseling soon. This reassured me that we are on the right path. Thank you."

Replay This Free Webinar

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