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ADHD Webinar: Fun Ways to Boost Your ADHD Child's Academic Skills This Summer with Sandra Rief, M.A.

Sandra Rief, M.A., answers all of your questions about how to help ADHD kids (ages 6-12) continue learning throughout the summer.

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Sandra Rief, M.A., is an educational consultant, speaker, and author of a number of books for parents and teachers on how to help students with ADHD succeed in school. Some of her books include How to Reach & Teach Children with ADD/ADHD, The ADD/ADHD Checklist, The ADHD Book of Lists, and How to Reach & Teach All Children in the Inclusive Classroom.

She has trained thousands of educators through her workshops/seminars nationally and internationally on effective strategies and interventions for students with learning, attention, and behavioral challenges. A former award-winning special education teacher, from San Diego, California, Sandra is an instructor of continuing education online/distance learning courses for teachers on ADHD and Learning Disabilities through California State University, East Bay and Seattle Pacific University.

In her Fun Ways to Boost Your ADHD Child's Academic Skills This Summer Webinar, Sandra Rief, M.A., addresses the topics of...

  • Sharpening academic skills the fun way
  • Improving math, reading, and writing abilities
  • Organization strategies your child will use
  • Plus, receive access to the slides accompanying Sandra Rief's Webinar and bonus educational resources

Read what people are saying about Sandra Rief's Webinar...

  • "Sandra Rief has so many ideas and resources. I'm glad she offered to speak. She has a gift and has such an amazing wealth of knowledge. She's really a teacher's teacher! Please encourage her to do more."

  • "A huge thanks to Sandra Rief for sharing her list of educational resources! I look forward to exploring these."

  • "I will definitely use the many resources that Sandra Rief shared today. Thank you!"

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