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ADHD Webinar: Time to Thrive with Adult ADHD with Dr. Surman and Dr. Bilkey

Dr. Surman and Dr. Bilkey answer all of your questions about managing time, tasks, relationships, plus more.

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Dr. Craig Surman is assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and the scientific coordinator of the Adult ADHD Research Program at Massachusetts General Hospital. Dr. Tim Bilkey is the founder of the Bilkey ADHD Clinic for Women in Toronto and the developer of FAST MINDS, an accredited ADHD education program for physicians. Dr. Surman and Dr. Bilkey co-authored FAST MINDS: How To Thrive If You Have ADHD (Or Think You Might).

In their Time to Thrive: Adult ADHD Strategies for Managing Time, Tasks, and Relationships Webinar, Dr. Surman and Dr. Bilkey address your questions about...

  • Learning organization and time management habits that work best for you
  • Dropping negative thinking patterns that waste your mental energy
  • Making the most of medical and non-medical resources to manage your symptoms
  • Plus, receive access to the slides accompanying Dr. Surman's and Dr. Bilkey's Webinar and links to the top adult ADHD articles

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Listen to the recording of Time to Thrive with Adult ADHD with Dr. Surman and Dr. Bilkey Webinar and download the webinar slides for $4.95. Replay This Webinar

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