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  5. "The World Drives Me Crazy" — Women with SPD
Parenting Strategies That Work

I've learned that ADD is a lot like alcohol addiction: Both are lifelong conditions.

Luann Kole, mother to Madeline

Life in the Fast Brain
Blue Highways
So your child has ADHD. Welcome to a different throw your road map away!... Uncharted territory »

ADHD Videos
Don't Let His Brain Go Flabby
For children with ADHD, learning disabilities, or memory challenges, summer learning loss is a real threat to the... more »

Success at School
4 Ways to Bring Books to Life
Expert strategies for making summer reading fun, and for building retention, comprehension, and creative muscles with every chapter... Engage those senses »


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Tools and Checklists

IEP/504 Guide
A parent's step-by-step guide to setting up an IEP or 504 Plan.
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The 7 Types of ADHD
Find out which kind you have, and how to treat it. Learn more ►

Your Brain Is a Ferrari
Dr. Ned Hallowell on explaining ADHD to your child. Watch video ►

Get It Done!
10 tweaks to change your life for the better. View slideshow ►

Discipline Dos and Don'ts
Encourage good behavior — no nagging required! Learn more ►

Is It Adult ADHD?
Take this self-test to learn about ADHD symptoms.
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Anxiety? Self-Blame?
Understanding the emotional toll of ADHD for kids. Learn more ►

Looking for ADHD Help?
Find ADHD and LD professionals near you. Search directory ►

From Messy to Neat
Our best advice for raising an organized child. Go! ►

Beat the Clock
Expert time management tips for ADHD adults.
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ADHD Meds, Explained
Insider tips to get the most from ADHD meds. View slideshow ►

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  • ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    "The World Drives Me Crazy" — Women with SPD

    Ladies, do you whip off your bra as soon as you get home? Do certain perfumes make you... Let's not even talk about mouth noises »

    Adult ADHD

    ADHD Sleep Problems: How to Rest Better Tonight!

    Expert advice for fixing ADHD-induced sleep disorders to catch zzz's quicker, stay asleep better, and wake up healthier... Sleep better

    Parenting ADHD Children

    Your 10-Minute Tool for Better Behavior

    Inspire cooperation and wipe out whining with this simple cure: daily Special Time... "Love" spelled T-I-M-E »

    ADHD Treatment

    Can Your Child Safely Take a Break from ADHD Drugs?

    Important considerations when pondering a "drug holiday" for your child with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD)... more »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    IEP Accommodations: What Works for Us

    ADDitude readers share the IEP tips and tricks that help their ADHD children stay focused, happy, and successful... more »

    ADHD Symptoms & Diagnosis

    Inattentive ADHD Children: How to Treat Attention-Related Issues That Appear Like Behavior Problems

    Your inattentive child may be battling ADD/ADHD symptoms -- not misbehaving... Is it poor attention or bad behavior?»

    Adult ADHD

    Do You Need a Facebook Intervention? How to Block Out Digital Distractions for Good

    If left to its own devices, the ADHD brain may pay more attention to Facebook and e-mail than... more »

    Parenting ADHD Children

    12 Parenting Strategies That Work for ADD Kids

    A dozen ways to be a better parent to your ADD child... more »

    ADHD Treatment

    Picking Professionals to Treat Your Child with ADHD

    Working with doctors you trust can help you parent with confidence. Here’s how to find the best team... more »

    School & Learning Disabilities

    IEP Accommodations: What Works for Us

    ADDitude readers share the IEP tips and tricks that help their ADHD children stay focused, happy, and successful... more »

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